"Music of Medieval Europe"

The concert program will carry you in the epoch of Crusades, noble knights and fair ladies. You will see medieval court and folk dances, hear knightly lyrics, the songs in the honor of the Mother of God and tavern songs. Historical costumes and instruments create a unique atmosphere of immersion into history.

There are several variants of the program performance depending on a concert venue and duration.

  1. Decameron
    Decameron is Italian instrumental court music of the 17th century. This type of music was usually played at knights courts. The program includes dances (estampie, saltarello, trotto and etc.), original outfit of the instruments, Southern European medieval colouring.
  2. Carmina Burana (concert version)
    The music is from the collection of the 17th century. Student and joke songs, drinking songs, mockeries of academic lyrics. The songs are performed in Latin and German accompanied with comments and translation.

  3. The songs in the honor of the Mother of God
    The program contains secular and religious songs devoted to the Virgin Mary which were popular in Spain in 13th -14th centuries. The program is performed in the Catalan dialect. The original outfit, detailed comments and translation to the songs are provided.

  4. For those who are eighthundredsomething
    This program consists of popular music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Dances, songs of European countries (England, France, Italy, Germany and countries of Southern Europe). The program is attractive for widely differing audience. There are no age restrictions. It suits both corporate parties and concerts.