In our new work the ensemble will appear in an absolutely different aspect: the ensemble will perform not only as musicians but also as actors in a medieval play. Drolls will show a theatrical play based on the collection of music and poetry items taken from the masterpiece of Carmina Burana dating from the 13th century. The action takes place in the medieval tavern where the devoted visitors solve acute problems drinking ale. The spectator will get acquainted with the characters of the medieval theater – Thief, Miller, Monk, Lady, Cavalier and Scholar. The well known Drolls’ image being in the traditional medieval costumes will be enhanced with masks which are the best to show the characters’ personalities. Especially for this very play the ensemble’s members worked on stage speech and movement under supervision of experienced stage producers. The peculiar feature of the play is its choreography. The actors will play authentic musical instruments, sing in Latin and dance simultaneously. p>

Number of actors: 6 (six)
Duration: 47 min.